Professional ASIC Design Service
and Solution Provider

Design Service

Analog, Digital Design Service
Design Service Area
Full Chip, Block, IP, STD Cell Library, I/O Cell Library, Memory Complier, Process Teg…
Full Custom Layout
Major & Strong Design Service Area of PineS
Know very well
  • FAB Process
  • How to Save Layout Time & Reduce core size
  • What's The Better Way for trade-off between Time and Size
Have Circuit & Logic Design Experience
Digital Implementation
Front-end Design (Physical Implementation, DFT)
  • Synthesis, STA, Equivalence Check, Scan Insertion, BIST
  • JTAG, IP Integration
Back-end Design (Physical Design)
  • Auto P&R, Physical Verification
5,000+ DB Out Experience since 1999 Worldwide Foundry / Process Experience
Domestic Foundry
Samsung, Key-Foundry, DBH, SK hynix
International Foundry
TSMC, G/F, UMC, SMIC, TowerJazz, VIS, XFAB, Infineon, Fujitsu, Siltera, CSMC…
2um ~5nm / CMOS, BCD, BiCMOS, Bipolar Process
BJT, Planar FET, FinFET
Products Experience
Consumer, Industrial, Automotive, Power, Discrete…
  • ADC, CAN IP (for Automotive Brake System)
  • Analog MEMS Microphone Amplifier
  • Analog Switch
  • Audio Digital Amp
  • Battery Charger
  • BUCK Converter
  • CAN Transceiver (for Automotive)
  • DC-DC Converter
  • Display Driver - LCD, OLED (for mobile)
  • Dual Camera AF (for mobile)
  • Elevator Communication
  • ePaper Driver
  • Fingerprint
  • Fly-back PWM Control IC
  • Fuel Gauge (for mobile)
  • Health Sensor
  • High Voltage-Multi CH. Switch
  • IGBT Gate Driver
  • Image Sensor (for Black Box)
  • Inertial Sensor IC (for Automotive)
  • Infrared Sensor ROIC
  • IoT Security
  • LCD Controller
  • LED Driver, Mini LED Driver, Micro LED Driver
  • LNB Controller
  • Low Pressure Sensor (for Automotive)
  • MCU with Decimation filter
  • NFC
  • OIS Driver (for Mobile Phone Camera)
  • Particulate Matter Sensor (for diesel Engine)
  • Photovoltaics
  • PMIC (for mobile)
  • PWM Controller
  • Sensor FAE (for Medical)
  • SMPS (for Adapter)
  • Synchronous Rectifier
  • Touch Controller
  • Touch Sensor (for mobile)
  • USB Power Switch
  • Vein Recognition
  • Video signal processor - AFE, PLL
  • Wi-Fi RF, Wireless Charger
  • Etc.…
Design Service Level
Level 0 ~ Level 3 Design Service
Foundry Service 연계 가능